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I don’t understand why they’re saying Frankie is ahead like he and Nicole look pretty even to me???? Am I wrong?

To be honest Nicole is everything I thought Amber was going to be preseason

Next week is (probably) double eviction holllaaaaa


she literally embodies the idea of determination and fierceness

Tbh I’m actually kind of happy Nicole is still there because I hate when someone comes back and then goes home the very next week like it feels like such a waste

Hey Frankie, here’s an idea: grow some balls and vote for who you want evicted, not the rest of the house.

Someone needs to remind Derrick and Caleb that Donny has won more physical competitions than both of them combined

Daaaamn julie looks good tonight

I’m conflicted because I actually thought that Frankie and Donny were kind of funny but I also fucking hate that they did a play and made it the Frankie show instead of saving Donny so do I vote yes or no what do I do


Please read this, it’s worth it! ❤